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Evidence Based Content for Healthcare and Medical Communications

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  • Healthcare Communications or Professional/Medical Writing

Move your Needs Assessments and other writing projects from unpublished to published.

Get published or featured on choice publications, sites and impact factor journals within established deadlines.

Use this Planner to cut off the frustration of outsourcing your writing projects

Content Strategy and Development

Audience targeted strategy for health care content.

For websites that need news pieces or other health content. We help you develop a strategic content that works for you and your audience.

Meet your audience where they are at with strategic content using this guide

CMEs and E-learning 

Ehealthwrites offers monthly scripts and packages for CMEs, webinars and e-learning courses.

We focus on specialty areas and unmet needs in the research and healthcare communications space. Our aim is to work with you to improve patient and client outcomes. 

Entice and attract with learning objectives that makes your readers want to enroll

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Do you need some writing pieces for the healthcare niche?

Are you short on time, with looming deadlines?

Do you need an evidence based foundation for your communication needs?

Do you want content that is optimized for Google News and Google Search Rankings?

If yes,

What Makes Ehealthwrites Unique


We understand you and your project

We understand what is involved in content outsourcing and the end-goal of your communication projects.

We understand that you need to look  professional to your superiors and most of all, deliver. We make it easy for you to do in a 4-step process.


easy project tracking with reduced email THREADS

We cut off all the back and forth emails by keeping all related communications in a streamlined CRM format.



We make sure we deliver within the agreed time. Also, we infuse our knowledge of existing regulations and years of skilled, hands-on research experience into your project deliverables.


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What to Expect  

While working on your projects, Ehealthwrites employs a strategic framework or solution to help you achieve your project objectives. 

We work with representatives or individuals from companies/businesses in need of professional content development services. 

We align our professional services with your company goals and the target audience, all within deadlines and at affordable rates.

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We only make promises we are sure we can keep.

Expect a confidential, client-specific approach to your health writing needs, for you and your audience.